New Beginnings

So, I am finally putting my old LJ account to rest and beginning a new blog bc…well…there are a lot of things that have changed since I started my blog in high school and this hopefully will be a nice new start for me.

I normally like to write in a book/journal/diary…but after the fire of my house during the honeymoon, I feel that if possible, especially if there is a question on my mind rather than just sth particular that happened, then this would be a better venue for it than in the book that most likely others will never see. 😛 That being said, there will still probably be many private posts anyway.

Something about me: I love having pets but bc we are living in grad student housing on the University of Michigan campus at this time, we cannot have any. I think it has to do with me not being able to shower my love on a living creature; Anthony is usually too busy studying to reciprocate when I am available and I am usually in the middle of something when he is free.. so just having someone there to be there to absorb all the excess energy/love that I have is pretty important to me and I am becoming more and more strange without this outlet that I need.

This is Baby. She was the one who put up with all of my loving.

Very happy couple we are! This is after Anthony asked me to marry him and now we are!

Another post to come!