Maybe too much in my mind

Today we watched the 3rd msg of the thanksgiving conference. It was talking about Rom. 8 being the center of the universe and G’s economy and how we need to be those who live by Rom. 8, living by the law of the Spirit of life. That by setting our minds on the spirit over and over and over again, it becomes our habit and eventually it becomes part of our character and then ultimately it becomes our living. It is through this individual going on that we can have Rom. 12 which is the corporate aspect of  the Body and the Bride which is just God expressed on this earth. It was an awesome message. there were so many points that I couldn’t even think to write them all here by memory.

1 thing tho was that there was a bit about how to live by setting the mind on the spirit; that each of us has the “electricity” installed in our spirit when we receive Christ into us. but that we need to “switch on” the flow of power. We can do this by calling on His name. By worshiping Him, by praising Him, this is our pushing the button to turn on the flow. but many times after a meeting or our scheduled times with the Lord, we take our finger off and so stop the flow of power/electricity. Which as I considered, this is how my life has been as well. If/When I have MR. It is usually in a way that I am turning to my spirit bc I already know/seen/experienced how crucial it is to start my day with the Lord. But there are many times that I feel rushed (have things to get done, etc) and I go thru the MR/bible reading/ministry reading in a way that isn’t taking my time to muse on the words there.. isn’t this my “removing my finger from the “on” button? A Yu said that it is not about “am I living by the spirit” but more “am I living by my flesh?” flesh is more than just the doing sinful things although it is included, it has more to do with EVERYTHING not according to our spirit.

I am utterly spinning myself in circles. All I know is that I do not always joyful in my salvation. I am quite honestly re-introducing myself to my soul, and it never ends. The things that I would like to do, albeit not sinful, are not according to my spirit. I think it has to do with how busy both of us are and my being more chummy with my soul.