New Year

Happy New Year!

(I was going to write something about how no one will read this blog anyway but instead decided to just stick with the sweeter simplier greeting. 🙂 )

We just finished the Winter training in Anaheim and are now back in the cold climate of MI. I got super sick the morning after we got back too… x( so sad!!! i believe I can even pinpoint the moment as well.. stupid me for not having hand sanitizer on me before eating food  on a dirty plane. 😦

But onto more enjoyable things!

I will  definitely have to post lots of things regarding my enjoyment of the winter training. I would like to go through it a little bit at a time. maybe I should start now since I am so sick. (i dislike being sick to the max, so maybe this will be the upswing I need to make this better). BUT FIRST!!

something I enjoyed from my Bible reading. I’m currently trying to go through the NT in chronological order with footnotes, (if any of you online ppl are out there and love to get free things:
has a free Bible and here is where all the riches of riches are!!!! footnotes and cross-references galore! so understandable!) please check it out! besides! its free! how do you lose from getting something FREE? 😀

So anyways, I’m in Matthew 5. Verse 3 says, “Blessed are the 2poor in 3spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of the heavens”. footnote 2 says, “To be poor in spirit is not only to be humble but also to be emptied in our spirit, in the depth of our being, not holding on to the old things of the old dispensation but unloaded to receive the new things, the things of the kingdom of the heavens.”

footnote 3 goes onto say “Spirit here refers not to the Spirit of God but to our human spirit, the deepest part of our being, the organ by which we contact God and realize spiritual things. We need to be poor, emptied, unloaded, in this part of our being that we may realize and possess the kingdom of the heavens. This implies that the kingdom of the heavens is spiritual, not material.”

so some of the things shown here is that 1) we have a spirit deep within our being and we use this to contact God and spiritual things! 2) we need to be emptied out and unloaded of all the outward things/distractions/problems/anything other than Christ that we can have our full eyes to see what the kingdom of the heavens IS. and 3) that the kingdom of the heavens is spiritual and not material is amazing. we are not going to some heavenly mansion but there is more to it! as to what this “more” is.. you’ll have to stay tuned. as I learn to articulate it, you will learn what it is! 😀 heh heh




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